Hello World!

Have you ever heard about TransparenCEE? We are tech activists from Central Eastern Europe. We are interested in using technology in transparency and accountability work. Under TransparenCEE umbrella we document, catalogue and scale local solutions regionally.

We created a really useful website – transprencee.org – for NGOs, practitioners, coders, activists and grant makers. There you can learn about tech tools, read news and in-depth analysis and see who already forms a part of the community.

We like each other <3 and we really like meeting not only online but also offline SO MUCH! We co- organized few bigger events including:

And now we would like to meet again and share our experiences, good practices and know-how with Georgians. Everything thanks to our friends – Europe Foundation – Georgian Civil Society Organization, which co-organized this event for you.

So open your minds, open your hearts for inspiration, motivation and networking. We can’t wait for famous Georgian hospitality and openness! See you in 11 days! Power up #civictech!