Meet our speakers


Frank Kresin

Research Director at Waag Society, Institute for Arts, Science and Technology in Amsterdam

Frank Kresin is Research Director at Waag Society, Institute for Arts, Science and Technology in Amsterdam. His background is in Artificial Intelligence and film making, and his main interest is in researching, developing and assessing technology for societal goals. Frank has shaped several international innovation programmes, like Apps for Europe, City SDK, Digital Social Innovation, Hack the Brain and Making Sense. Furthermore, he is board member at the Dutch Internet Society and The Mobile City, and an advisor to the Fund for the Creative Industries.


Anna Sienicka

Vice President, Techoup Europe, Polska

Anna is responsible for the strategic direction of TechSoup in Europe. Prior to that Anna worked in the the Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives. She has also held a position of the head of the legal group of the Council for Public Benefit Work and was a member on the Polish Prime Minister’s Social Economy Task Force.


David Lee

President of  Magticom

David Lee is the President of  Magticom, the largest Telecommunications Company in Georgia and came to Georgia after the Rose Revolution in 2004.
Until 2004 David Lee was the Deputy General Director of the fixed line Moscow operator Comstar and prior to that the South East Asia Regional Director of Cable and Wireless in Singapore.
With a keen interest in Civil Society, David has been the Chairman of the Europe Foundation and CRRC since 2008. He is currently the Vice-President of the EU-Georgian Business Council.


Sandor Lederer

Co-founder and director of K-Monitor

Sandor Lederer is the co-founder and director of K-Monitor, a watchdog NGO for public funds in Hungary. Sandor holds an MA in International Studies from Corvinus University, Budapest. K-Monitor was founded with the aim of raising awareness about the issues of corruption and to bring a new level of transparency in the field of governance for the purpose of fostering democracy and the rule of law in Hungary. K-Monitor runs technology projects, conducts research and advocates for legal reform. Sandor is the local country correspondent for the EC’s anti-corruption report, was a GMF fellow and a NewEurope100 challenger.


Anna Kuliberda


Anna manages the international TransparenCEE project. Before that she was built community for the NetSquared and Community Boost_r programs. She also supported our Things project in Turkey. Anka used to organize Warsaw NetWtorek meet-ups, she was also involved in socila hackathons SocHack.
Anna graduated from Political Sciences at the Wroclaw University. She has extensive experience working in the civil society sector. She worked at Watchdog Polska (Sieć Obywatelska), Sempre Avant and U.G. Zastone (in Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Anna is a total #OpenData geek. She lives in Sarajevo, B&H.


Krzysztof Madejski

ePaństwo Foundation, Poland

Coordinates Code for Poland, networks, overlooks PublicData.gov.pl. Since 2011 he is involved in an NGO successfully lobbing for regulation of advertisements in public spaces.


Iurii Lisovsky

Iurii Lisovsky is the coordinator of elections observers network at Ukrainian NGO Civil Network OPORA, since 2009. Each elections he coordinates work of 200 long-term and at least 1500 Election Day observers. Also he is responsible for data gathering, cleaning and analysis in OPORA projects about Parliament monitoring and works in ICT security. Works upon tools which help activists to monitor Parliament and observe election.


Maia Mikashavidze

Maia Mikashavidze is a mass communication scholar and development professional. Currently, she is a professor at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management. Her primary interest is political communication, with the emphasis on the role of journalism and mass media. In 2001-09, she has co-founded and served as the first dean of GIPA’s Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management. She has started student FM Radio GIPA, Frontline Georgia Club, and, later, Management Academy. She holds a Ph.D. in mass communication from the University of South Carolina, an MPA from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, and a diploma from Tbilisi State Conservatoire.


Andriy Gazin

Data Journalist & Analyst at Texty.org.ua

Former head of analytics and infographics department at Korrespondent (2010-2014) and Novoe Vremya (2014-2015) weekly magazines. Currently working as a data journalist and analyst for Texty.org.ua. Running blog about infographics and dataviz – textura.in.ua, providing training programs on data analysis and visualizations for journalists and NGO’s. Interesred in data visualization and comic books, open data and data mining, mapping and geospatial, lifelogging and quantified self.



Michał Andrzej Woźniak

Michał is Network security, privacy and media education expert. He is an activist who advocates free software and open standards in education, public institutions and business.

Between 2006 and 2012 he was systems administrator and CTO of Mobile Technologies Laboratory BRAMA at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Since 2011 he is a vice-president, and afterwards President of the Board of the Free and Open Source Software Foundation from 2012 to 2014.

Andrzej is the founder of the Warsaw Hackerspace and active member of the hacker community in Poland and abroad. Since March 2015 he is technology fellow at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.


Anna Alberts

Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland

Anna leads the EU research project OpenBudgets.eu. She has a degree in international development studies and international relations and worked as desk officer for data- and geopolitics at the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Netherlands. Anna develops Social Innovation projectsat the Peace Innovation Lab in Berlin.


Dušan Jordović

CRTA Serbia

Dušan deals with accountability for public spoken word since 2009. Together with group of journalists and activists he developed Truth-o-meter in Serbia, and started to fight for the society of responsible citizens and accountable government.

Dušan was occupied with politics since nineties. As a trainer of political skills he was participating in realization of many seminars with politicians, state institution representatives and NGO’s.

Dušan is a project manager in Center for research, transparency and accountability (CRTA).


Michał ‘czesiek’ Czyżewski

Hacker, technologist, privacy expert, Free Software enthusiast. Does tech for NGOs and journalists for a living.


Yurii Bugai

eProcurement Team Lead, Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) program.

One of coordinators of the public procurement reform ProZorro in Ukraine. From July 2015 until April 2016 Yurii acted as Head of section for automatization of business processes with the Department for regulation of public procurement.  Yurii coordinated a set of reform’s directions with focus on elaboration of strategy, coordination of technical assistance and fund-raising, development of eLibrary of specifications, cooperation of ProZorro with other governmental organizations, and the like.


Kasia Zwolak-Szwechowicz


Kasia is a Content & Communications Specialist. She takes care of the external and internal communications for TechSoup Poland and TechSoup Europe. During the event she will speak through social media channels.


Eric Barrett

Eric hails from Houston, Texas. He has lived, studied, and worked in Russia and France, and moved to Georgia in 2005. He worked as Transparency International Georgia’s Digital Organizer from 2008 – 2010 and joined the Open Maps Caucasus team in 2010. In 2012 Eric stepped up as Executive Director and transformed Open Maps Caucasus into what JumpStart Georgia is today – a Georgian-based non-profit that shines a light on the complex issues that affect our lives and communicates their importance in heartfelt stories people can understand. Eric currently sits on the board of Iare Pekhit’s Membership Association, a local pedestrians’ rights organization.


Ketevan Vashakidze

Europe Foundation

Ketevan Vashakidze is a President at Europe Foundation.  She has held a variety of teaching, consulting and management positions at multilateral, non-profit and academic institutions both in Georgia and internationally.  She holds advanced degrees in International Development and Human Geography from Tbilisi State, Edinburgh and Columbia universities, and is currently pursuing a Global Executive MBA jointly issued by NYU, LSE, and HEC Paris.


Paata Gaprindashvili


Paata Gaprindashvili holds the position of Georgia’s Reforms Associates’ (GRASS) Director since June 2016. Established in 2012, GRASS is a multi-profile think tank. Before taking a position of a Director Paata served as a Vice Director at GRASS and Editor-in-Chief of analytical-and-information online service FactCheck Georgia, established by GRASS in April 2013. In 2009-2013, he was Georgia’s Permanent Representative to the OSCE. Since joining the diplomatic service in 1994, Paata has participated in a large number of international negotiations and has led Georgian delegations in various negotiations held on issues related to Georgia.


Jakub Górnicki

Europee-Państwo Foundation

Operates and engages – citizens, media and other organisations. Calculates and thinks strategically. Operates both in Poland and abroad. He previousely worked with journalists from Georgia, Ghana, Turkey, Yemen and other countries as an Implementations Manager for Sourcefabric.


Natia Meladze

Europe Foundation

Natia Meladze joined Europe Foundation in 2016 to support its civil society capacity building efforts. Prior to joining EPF, she gained valuable project management and monitoring experience working for various local and international organizations. Natia completed her undergraduate studies at Tbilisi State University, holding a B.A. degree in the West European Languages and Literature. She also holds M.A. degrees in Global Development and Social Justice from St. John’s University (NY, US) and Public Policy and Administration from The University of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia).


Friedrich Lindenberg

Friedrich  is a coder and data journalist working on web technology for new narrative and investigative techniques. He was an 2014 ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow with Code for Africa, and a 2013 Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow at Spiegel Online. Previously, he contributed to various projects at the Open Knowledge Foundation, including OpenSpending, a platform that helps citizens across the world keep track of government finance.


Cosmin Pojoranu

PR / Funky Citizens

Wearer of various communication hats at Funky Citizens, Cosmin is a co-founder of the first fact-checking initiative in Romania, Factual.ro. Specifically, he keeps himself busy by communicating the mission of the project and explaining the importance of critical thinking in a democracy. He is responsible for the branding of the project, for managing Factual’s expert community and for every communication need the project has.


Paulina Sobieszuk


Paulina manages open data projects ex. the Apps4Warsaw. She works on development opportunities for the TechSoup Poland Program. She cooperate with Ukrainian Partners developing TechSoup Europe open data program. Prior to this, she coordinated the Professional NGO project.


Damir Dautovic

Center for Democratic Transition, Montenegro

ICT coordinator on various projects where CDT advocates for better governance via policy papers, campaigning and initiatives on openness, raising awareness, meeting and educating public institutions on open data standards and in various other ways on making impact for transparency and accountability, as well as monitoring and analysis of Montenegrin progress.


Jan Niedośpiał

Stanczyk Foundation

Jan thinks globally, acts locally. He manages przejrzystykrakow.pl (Transparent Krakow), local part of mojepanstwo.pl. He advocates for openness and open public data in local government, trying to tackle some attitude based problems, which can be resolved without changing the law on central level. He advocates for more open and user friendly budget data and visualisations. He works on reforming administrative districts in Forum of the Future Districts. He works for civic sector ever since. Proud Member of Watchdog Polska.



Nino Macharashvili

Data Journalist & Projects Coordinator, Jump Start

Nino has been working as a data journalist and projects coordinator at JumpStart Georgia for almost 4 years. She enjoys working on educational programs and interactive web projects. Nino studied Journalism at Tbilisi State University and, also, holds MA degree in Creative and Media Enterprises from the University of Warwick.



Georges L. J. Labrèche

Georges is a problem solver, entrepreneur, and the founder of the Balkan’s leading civic-tech organization: Open Data Kosovo (ODK). ODK engages youth in digital capacity building activities as a means to tackle their disenfranchisement by including them as problem-solvers in government decision-making processes all while providing them with work experience geared at increasing their employability. Georges constantly busies himself with ideas that merge technology, good governance, and social impact.


Damir Dajnovic

Damir is an activist for more than 10 years. Founded one of the first youth organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Works as a researcher for Istinomjer, and as a project coordinator for javnarasprava.ba, a platform for direct communication between MPs and citizens on legislature. Ruby on Rails enthusiast, recently been looking for new ways to improve the accountability in BiH with technology.



Tijana Cvjetićanin

Zašto ne

Works as a research coordinator in the Citizen Association “Zašto ne” in Sarajevo, on the fact-checking project “Istinomjer” (Truth-o-meter). Her professional and academic interests include areas of political accountability, civic activism, media analysis, post-colonial studies, gender studies, human rights, and antimilitarism.



Giorgi Nasrashvili

Giorgi is a master’s student of Eurasia and Caucasus Research at Tbilisi State University. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the Department of  Social and Political Sciences and has worked both in the nongovernmental and the media sectors. His training background includes international relations, public policy analysis, and project management. Giorgi joined Transparency International Georgia’s team in December 2014.